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Variety in Ministry

Last week I was in San Antonio for a short visit with friends.  We attended a small Spanish speaking church and was once again reminded of the great things God is doing in his kingdom.  The Pastor was a man who worked as a manger of a hospital Imaging department.  He spent 40 hours a week at his job and then still managed to raise his family and Pastor the church.

We had a great time of fellowship the evening before and I was reminded of how privileged we are to be in ministry.  The church was small by San Antonio standards,  but they had just acquired a building and the atmosphere was one of great fellowship and love.  I was able to sit with my wife and listen to people sing in Spanish (which I do not know) and enjoy the sacred sounds of people worshiping from a heart of love.

This was what ministry was all about.  People ministering to one another.  I saw tears, praise, and the word of God faithfully preached.  It was an incredible day!


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