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I can do that!

In a rural area, certain mindsets are built into the DNA of the culture. The idea that you can “do it yourself” is one of those mindsets. Some of that thinking is necessary. When the tractor breaks down in the middle of a 40 acre field and the crops need to be planted, you figure out a way to fix it. When the part you need is a special order part that will take 1 week to get to you, you figure out a way to keep things going. “Doing it yourself” is really a way of thinking that ensures your survival in the country.

I have always had this mindset, long before I moved into the country. Doing it myself was a way to learn, grow, and stretch. It expanded my experiences and allowed me to be more knowledgeable about many things. When we built a new church 14 years ago, we did all the work ourselves. The only thing we hired done was digging the well and the installing insulation. Everything else we did at a great cost of time, blood, sweat, and tears. As a church we are faced with another building project in our future. As we contemplate our approach, we find ourselves deciding to “hire” some of the projects.

I faced the same decision this week at my home. Wind had recently damaged my roof. I have roofed this house on 2 occasions. It is extremely high (almost 30 feet off the ground at one point) and extremely steep (about a 10/12 pitch). My wife and I decided it would be best to hire someone else to do the roof at this time. Last week a crew of 9 people will show up and finish the job of installing 1700 square feet of shingles. All I did was watch and take care of the crew making sure they have lunch and plenty of water available.

I have noticed a dramatic change in my attitude concerning my roof. In the last few weeks, I was trying to figure out how I could work this project into my summer schedule. I found myself thinking constantly about the challenge. Since I signed the contract with the roofer, my attitude I felt incredibly free. My biggest decision now was do I serve them barbeque or hamburgers for lunch? This project was now enjoyable and took a large burden off my shoulders. I think you can see the parallels to ministry.

I am starting to realize over the course of ministry, I have developed an “I can do that” mentality. I know how I want it done and I have taken that job on my plate. I spend plenty of time and focus on things other people can do. No, the roofers will not roof the way I would do it and yes, there are some things I could do differently. But I now experience a freedom to focus and spend my summer on other projects. When we allow others to do ministry, we will find the same freedom.

THOT – What items in your ministry do you need to let go of? Are there projects on your plate that could be done by someone else, even if they do it differently? If ministry is really about “equipping people to do the work of ministry”, how can we equip people if we are doing the work?


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