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Ministry Mulligans

Just had a friend share  an excellent article in Leadership Journal.net by  Jack Connell.  It’s entitled Ministry Mulligans (If I had it to do all over again …)   Some great advice for those of use who are still plugging away in ministry.

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For the last 20 years, we have always had a large coffee pot at the back of the church.  Recently, we decided to make an area that is more convenient for everyone.  Please understand, that in our community, coffee is always strong and black.  Country cafes only serve one kind of coffee and it is always the same.

As I started the search for a new coffee maker, I started asking some of my Pastor friends what they were using in their churches.  I visited one city church. that served about 6 different types of coffee.  I realized that the way we serve coffee is  often a reflection of our philosophy of ministry.  Larger ministries offer people a variety of choices.  They serve many flavors and creamers with their coffees.  They also have numerous Sunday School classes and plenty of specialized  ministries.  Rural churches often have fewer lasses and very few if any specialized ministries.

I realized that in over 18 years of ministry, I have never felt bad because we offer only one type of coffee.  I have never apologized or felt bad because we could not match the taste or quality of Starbucks or Caribou coffee.

Which brings me to my final thought – If I don’t apologize for our coffee, why should I apologize for our lack or Sunday School classes or specialized ministries.  It is simply not who we are.  We only serve one type of coffee and rural people seem just fine with that.


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