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Last Man Standing

I am not a writer.  I never have been and it takes great effort for me to write.  I love to research, study and learn.  I am comfortable speaking in public and public speaking is my primary means of communicating what I have learned.  A Blog is a tremendous commitment on my part because I am out of my comfort zone.  Over the years, this Blog has taken a backseat, but I am hoping to change that this year.  I am going to make a commitment to try to post at least twice a month on what I am learning and observing in ministry.  My personal goal is every week, but I am also a realist because my pastoral ministry must come first.

I came to my current ministry in 1992, so that means I have preached and ministered in the same place for 21 1/2 years.  I have seen the good and the bad in ministry.  I have experienced joy and sorrow.  I have been loved and hated.  I am not seeking another ministry and am hoping God allows me another 25 years here.

I am often asked what keeps you in a place for a long period of time.  So for the next few weeks, I think I will try to figure that out.  One of the things that helped me was focus.  I have been at many pastor meetings where they ask pastors to stand who have been at the same place for 5 years, then, 10 years, then, 15 years, etc.  I was at one meeting where they got to 50 years and one man was standing.  I noticed many sat down before 10 years.  It has always been my dream or focus to be last man standing.  One of my idols in ministry was a man who was the pastor at the same church for almost 40 years.

One of the things I have observed in life is that focus determines direction.  I think it is essential for long term ministry.

THOT – What is the focus  for your ministry?
An important focus for me in long term ministry has been the goal to be “Last Man Standing”.

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